OOPSLA '96 Addendum to the Proceedings

Chair: Deb Ayers, Zephyr Technologies, Inc.

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Workshop Guidelines

Important Dates and Contact Info

The OOPSLA Addendum to the Proceedings captures the most dynamic and innovative aspects of the OOPSLA conference. The Addendum documents the latest available technical insight gleaned from panel discussions, workshops and invited speakers; where innovative research and industry topics are discussed and solved by world's leading OO contributors.

Addendum Guidelines

Who needs to prepare a paper for the Addendum to the Proceedings for OOPSLA '96?

Please submit 2 camera-ready copies of your manuscript (produced on a high resolution output device) with the specifications defined in the table below. All Addendum submissions must be received in camera ready copy (CRC) form. The CRC specifications are identical to those required by papers for the Proceedings, so the Proceedings and the Addendum will have a common look throughout. You are free to use any word processor while meeting the formatting specifications. This year, a version of the manuscript in electronic copy should also accompany the CRC paper copy to help in the production of the OOPSLA '97 CD-ROM.

Any of the following will result in non-publication of the submission in the Addendum to the Proceedings:

Papers in the past OOPSLA Proceedings and Addenda serve as a good examples of acceptable paper formatting.

Camera Ready Specifications

Paper size: 8-1/2 x 11 inches

Number of pages: No more than 6 pages


Paper Body Times-Roman 11 pt
Paper Title Times-Roman 18 pt
Level 1 Headings Times-Roman 14 pt Bold
Level 2 Headings Times-Roman 12 pt Bold
Level 3 Headings Times-Roman 12 pt Bold-Italic

Line Spacing

Body Text 14 pt spacing
Abstract Text 12 pt spacing

Text Format

Title Area Single column, Centered text
Body Text Two columns

Column Format

Column Width 3-1/4 inches
Space between 2 columns: 1/4 inch
Left and right margins 3/4 inch
Top margin 3/4 inch
Bottom margin 1-1/4 inches

Page Numbers DO NOT PRINT PAGE NUMBERS ON YOUR PAPER! Instead, lightly hand write the page numbers on the BACK of the pages. ACM will print page numbers at Addendum printing time.

Running headers/footers: Do not include running headers/footers.

Staples, Paper Clips: Do not staple, paper clip or otherwise fasten your camera ready pages together! Camera ready means clean, no folds, wrinkles, creases, etc.

Electronic Version of Camera Ready Manuscript

Please plan to submit an electronic copy of your manuscript in addition to CRC paper copy. We hope this step will help us reduce the time and effort to produce the OOPSLA '97 CD-ROM.

Electronic Formats:

How to send:

Important Dates and Contact Info

Addendum camera ready copy submissions must be postmarked no later than Monday, December 9, 1996. Please mail two (2) copies of your camera-ready paper and one (1) electronic copy to the address below with a postmark no later than December 9, 1996.

Deb Ayers
OOPSLA '96 Addendum
4528 Balcones Drive
Austin, TX 78731

If you encounter problems, or have any further questions, please feel free to contact me via phone (512-794-8118 ) or email (electronic mail appreciated).

Workshop Guidelines

Content Guidelines

This year we are asking Workshop Addendum authors to follow a basic content outline for their paper. This improves readability and consistency in the publication of workshop papers that cover a diverse set of topics and workshop formats.

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